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Jean Pierre Sancho

Jean Pierre Sanchos: Hay Street

I had been very keen to try Jean Pierre Sancho (JPS) due to my love of French bread and after hearing about the awards it’s received so I  dragged my willing  family along for the experience. We were not disappointed! Being a warm day when we visited we opted to sit inside than alfresco and was delighted at the ambience created from the furniture, the food, through to the French speaking staff whom we gave our order to in French!

Having spied the cake cabinet when arriving, we drooled over the menu and finally decided on a Ham and Cheese Croissant ($7.50) Escargot Raisin ($3.95) and a Chocolate Macaron ($2.50) to have with our Coffees. The service was quick and efficient and we settled back into our comfy leather chairs savouring every morsel of food that passed our lips.

Jean Pierre Sanchos: Cakes and Pastries

Jean Pierre Sanchos: Fresh Bread

The croissant was lightly and flaky, and the ham and cheese filling was served at the right temperature where it wasn’t cold or too hot and oozing. The Escargot Raisin was a generous size, full of raisins and drizzled with icing. The Chocolate Macaron was devoured too fast from ‘Mr Almost 2’ for us to try but I take that as a good sign!  The coffees were very smooth and strong and very popular if the continuous coffee takeaway queue was anything to go by.

Jean Pierre Sanchos: Escargot Raisin

Jean Pierre Sanchos: Ham and Cheese Croissant

Jean Pierre Sanchos: Chocolate Macaron

Jean Pierre Sanchos: Flat White and Cappucino - served with homemade biscuits

JPS has a few lunch ‘formulas’ on offer such as:

  • $10 for a sandwich and drink
  • $15 for a sandwich, drink and tart of the day

which is very reasonably priced considering the quality of the food.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Jean Pierre Sanchos: French Style Delivery

Jean Pierre Sancho

878 Hay St

Perth 6000

9226 2434

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  1. I found the food rather tasty, almost needed a translator for the staff but I suppose that’s a good sign, they were efficient but not all that friendly. The coffee was quite disappointing though, quite bitter.

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