Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Entrance

So this was not my first visit to Blend Cafe, in fact, it was my second in only a few days but tonights visit was for a special night off for some hard working mums. It seems every time I visit Blend it is always buzzing with people and portraying a rather busy atmosphere. When I first came to Blend a few years ago during a visit back to Perth it consisted of one shop. Several years later it has expanded across 2 shops and I hear on the grapevine that the owners have acquired another neighbouring shop which they hope to turn into a licensed bar.

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar

The moment you step into Blend you begin to realise how much effort has been put into the quirky and unique fit out of the store. In fact every wall has some different aspect and theme right down to the menus which are inside the cover of ‘Funk and Wagnalls‘ dictionaries and encyclopedias. The staff are more than attentive and busy, stopping for the quick chat with regular customers.

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Menus

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Kitchen

Blend does a range of wood-fired pizzas available from lunchtime and a varied mains menu to choose from. I think it’s very brave of a restaurant to have their kitchen open for all patrons to see but only good restaurants can get away with it, which Blend obviously does. I do like the novelty factor where you can stand and watch your pizza being made if you like! We had unfortunately forgotten that Blend is only BYO however there is a liquor store just a few doors down that you can nip into for that well deserved bottle. With so much chatting and girly gossip going on decision time came round and it was a tough choice but wood-fired pizas always win it for me and I chose the Wild Child pizza ($18). My companions chose the Blue Moon pizza (minus prosciutto) ($20), the Vegetable pizza ($20), the Salt and Pepper Calamari ($21) and the Paella ($25).

Without too long a wait our meals arrived and with squeals of delight with tucked in hoping they tasted as good as they all looked. My Wild Child pizza was divine; the chicken, feta, roasted capsicums and pesto blended perfectly and had my taste buds salivating. The other pizzas were described as ‘Mmmmm’ which I translate to very delicious although one felt the crust was a little dry on hers. The pizzas are very large and staff were more than happy to box up left overs for our hubbys minding the fort at home. The calamari, although a little oily, was again a very generous portion and served with a refreshing lime and fruit salsa. Lastly the paella was described as ‘very tasty’, and my friend was pleased the prawns had been shelled and the mussels fully opened and cooked although some chicken seemed a little dry.

With rather full bellies we decided to pass on dessert and opted for teas and coffees. My coffee was strong and creamy and I just love the effort that goes into the art on top of the foam these days. Having such a wonderful evening with good company and delicious food we failed to see that we were the only patrons remaining in the restaurant and so we bid farewell to Blend knowing we’ll definitely be back again soon.

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Wild Child Pizza

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Vegetarian Pizza

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Blue Moon Pizza

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Salt and Pepper Calamari

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Paella

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar: Flat White

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar

Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar

356 Marmion St

Melville 6156

9317 4400

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