Walters River Cafe

Walters River Cafe: Entrance

Walters River Cafe: Opposite entrance

Walters River Cafe can boast about it’s beautiful location along the Swan River amongst Pine trees.  In fact it seemed most local families were here today having picnics, swimmings, playing volleyball and enjoying the Perth lifestyle. And nestled amongst the trees just metres from the waters edge sits Walters River Cafe with a wide alfresco area commanding beautiful views for diners.  The cafe has a very laid back and relaxed feel to it. Although there is some table service including waiting to be seated and meals bought to you, you still need to order and pay for your meal first at the counter.  I probably should also mention that directly to the left of the main entrance there is a kiosk where you can purchase drinks, ice creams and snacks and enjoy with your picnic or sitting on the provided wooden benches under the tall trees.

Walters River Cafe: Alfresco Dining

Without having made a booking we were lucky to be seated outside and over time the alfresco area was full of diners. The menu is quite simple and a little on the pricey side if I’m totally honest. I chose the Steak Sandwich ($27.50) which was cooked tender and perfectly complemented with the bacon and roasted tomatoes. The hand cut chips were divine; there is nothing better than fat, crispy coated soft potato chips tossed in rosemary salt.

Walters River Cafe: Steak Sandwich

Walters River Cafe: Steak Sandwich

My hubby chose the JD Club ($26.40) which was a definite 2 hand job to eat, not one for first dates! It  held well together despite the constant squashing to fit into his mouth and interestingly they used turkey instead of the traditional chicken in a club sandwich. His meal was also served with the divine chips.

Walters River Cafe: JD's Club

Walters River Cafe: JD's Club

The childrens menu sounded good but too much for our ‘Mr Almost 2’ so we ordered extra chips ($8.80) and thought he would eat some morsels from our plates. Unfortunately when the chips (not as good as the hand cut chips) arrived he declared them ‘mine’ and was not interested in anything else apart from our milkshakes. Our milkshakes ($7.70) were rather expensive and served in a tall metal cup which my hubby pointed out wasn’t even filled to the top.

Walters River Cafe: Chips with Aioli and Ketchup

Walters River Cafe: Milkshakes (almost finished)

Dessert was not an option after such a huge meal and our left overs were eyed greedily by a few seagulls brave enough to enter the alfresco area. I’d like to visit Point Walter again and walk the sand bar but i think we’ll take a picnic and use the kiosk next time.

Walters River Cafe: View to the river

Walters River Cafe

Point Walter

Honour Dve

Bicton 6157

9330 9330

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