No. 44 King Street

No. 44 King Street

It’s Saturday night, we’ve just seen the Festival of Perth’s ‘Place des Anges’ and not quite ready to head home. As we head back to the carpark we pass No. 44 King Street and decide we’ll call in for a late night coffee and cake. It’s not that busy surprisingly but after 30 minutes it’s packed with people who’ve come out of His Majesty’s Theatre. Located amongst luxury stores the cafe has a European feel with great atmosphere.

No. 44 King Street: inside

Having perused the menu and checked out the cake cabinet we were all ready to order but we waited…and waited! Finally we managed to get someone to take our order and luckily it wasn’t too long a wait for our drinks and cakes to arrive.

I ordered the Banoffee Pie ($8.70) which was one of the best I’ve ever had. A buttery crust with creamy caramel and cream and thick slices of banana with a hint of chocolate drizzled over it. Definitely fit for a king! My hubby chose the Mixed Berry Cheesecake ($8.70) which was very creamy and fruity. Our friend ordered the carrot cake but was mistakenly served the Banana cake. Staff quickly brought out her Carrot Cake ($8.70) which had crushed walnuts decoratively around the edges but disappointment set in as it was dry and dense. None of our cakes came with a cream on the side much to the further disappointment of my companions.

No. 44 King Street: Banoffee Pie

No. 44 King Street: Mixed Berry Cheesecake

No. 44 King Street: Carrot Cake

We didn’t have much luck with our drinks. The Ice Tea ($4.35) was in a tall thin glass piled with ice leaving very little actual liquid tea. However the tea was real tea with no added sugar. The Iced Chocolate and Iced Coffee ($4.35 each) came with no decorative cream topping and were nothing special.

No. 44 King Street: Iced Tea

No. 44 King Street: Ice Tea

No. 44 King Street: Iced Chocolate

Overall we liked the ambience of No. 44 King Street but felt their service and food presentation could have been improved. Whilst it’s a great location and has good late hour openings, it will be a while before we visit again.

No. 44 King Street

No. 44 King Street

44 King Street

Perth 6000

9321 4476

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