Sensations en Ardross

Sensations en Ardross: Main Entrance

What could be better on a Sunday morning than a leisurely breakfast with a friend and catching up on the last few months? I had been wanting to try Sensations en Ardross for some time having passed it regularly in a leafy shopping area in Applecross. It has a village feel about it and a place where you would be happy to lazily read your paper or a book over a drink and bite to eat. It was fairly busy when we arrived and we were lucky to get an outside table.

The breakfast menu had a good selection of items to choose from including several gluten-free options. My friend was desperate to have her breakfast favourite of pancakes so she chose the Breakfast crepes ($18). Instead of the fruit topping she asked to have them with lemon and sugar which they couldn’t do but they suggested maple syrup and icing sugar which she agreed to. They were arranged together on the plate dusted with the icing sugar and the maple syrup was served separately in a shot glass. She thought the crepes were cooked just right and quite filling.

Sensations en Ardross: Breakfast crepes

I couldn’t resist my favourite breakfast choice so I chose the  Eggs Benedict ($21). It was served on a bagel which I would have liked toasted but the glazed ham, hollandaise and runny poached eggs (absolutely divine) made up for it. It also included baby spinach which helped with the richness and made me feel less guilty about my calorific choice.

Sensations en Ardross: Eggs Benedict

We also ordered a Cappuccino and Flat White ($3.90) which were ok. Inside the cafe has a cabinet with a selection of cakes, savoury goods and salads. I would definitely like to come back and visit Sensations en Ardross again. (Please note it’s closed on Wednesday’s)

Sensations en Ardross: Flat white

Sensations en Ardross

43 Ardross St

Applecross 6153

9364 8806

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