Rhubarb: Street view

Rhubarb is a little hub at the end of a carpark in Applecross near the entrance to ‘The Good Grocer’ gourmet supermarket. I have passed it many times and often thought about trying something but never got around to it. So when I had a 2-for-1 voucher to try I knew this would be a good chance for me to finally visit and I took my family along too.

We dropped by one late Saturday morning and it was rather busy with locals getting their fruit or coffee fix for the day. There is a small seating area and we happily sat down at one of the wooden tables amongst the olive trees and rosemary bushes to read the weekend paper which was provided.

Rhubarb: Seating area

The menu has a good selection of smoothies, juices, milkshakes, fruit crushes, frappes, protein shakes, teas and coffees in a range of sizes. I decided to try the Iced Latte ($5.20 large) and I really enjoyed the rich milky coffee. My hubby chose the Strawberry Smoothie ($6.50 large) which was thick, cold and fruity.

Rhubarb: Iced Latte

Rhubarb: Strawberry Smoothie

The overall space has been designed very well and a lot of thought has been put in to its features. Rhubarb opens at 7am everyday and I’ll be enjoying another drink here in the near future.

Rhubarb: Popular with the locals

Rhubarb: Menu

Rhubarb Juice Bar

39 Ardross St

Applecross 6153

9315 5144
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