Wagamama: Street view

I first visited Wagamama in London many years ago after a good friend convinced me to try it. I was rather reluctant at the time as I’m not a noodle fan but since that visit it became the most frequent place we ate out at (thanks, Lisa!!). Moving back to Perth, we were so excited to find a Wagamama in Subiaco that we could also visit.

We visited on a busy Thursday night and were quickly seated inside as all the outdoor tables were full. I like the rows of benches at Wagamama as it is easier to talk across the table. It was fairly noisy inside with the constant stream of chatter and the sizzle and steam coming from the kitchen, which is open and overlooks the dinners.

Staff informed us that any salmon item on the menu was not available tonight but that didn’t affect our choices. There are also no entrees but side dishes to complement your main meal. Wagamama also cooks each order fresh and serves it as soon as it is ready which means that your order wont all arrive at once.

We chose the Tori Kara Age ($9.70), pieces of deep fried marinated chicken. The flavours of oregano, thyme and ginger were evident and the chicken was crispy but juicy inside. It was served with a small dish of chilli, garlic, sesame and soy sauce for dipping. I must admit I have tried to make this dish at home but it didn’t taste as good as at Wagamama.

Wagamama: Tori Kara Age

We also ordered the Sweet Potato Kusabi ($7.20), fine slithers of hand cut sweet potato topped with toasted sesame seeds. It also came with a dip, wasabi and basil. These were very moorish and rather quickly disappeared from the plate!

Wagamama: Sweet Potato Kusabi

For the main meal I ordered my favourite Chicken Katsu Curry ($19.50). I noted there was not as much chicken as usual and some pieces were rather thin and small. The curry sauce was lacking it usual kick and seemed paler in colour than usual. Overall it was ok but I was a little disappointed.

Wagamama: Chicken Katsu Curry

My hubby ordered his Ginger Chicken Udon ($19.90) and we had to wait a longer time than usual for it to arrive – to the point my meal was only just warm so I started eating and was almost half finished when after 2 reminders to staff, his meal finally arrived! We looked at it and thought it looked different in some way but couldn’t think why. He said it tasted kind of the same and was ok but thought it was perhaps missing the red onion and bean sprouts – it also looked like there was a lot of noodle.

Wagamama: Ginger Chicken Udon

Wagamama is great for families as they provide high chairs, crayons and childrens meals are free with an adult meal. This is the only restaurant our son eats all his meal – the whole bowl of noodles! My husband believes we ate too much at Wagamama when I was pregnant that our son got a taste for it then! They even have a frequent noodler program where you can earn points to redeem off future meals and little cups of green tea are free! (Please note: Wagamama doesn’t take bookings)

 As an avid Wagamama lover it is very hard for me to admit that this was not the best expereince we have ever had at Wagamama…*sigh*. I can only hope we just lucked out this night and the next time we visit it will be much better.

Wagamama: Green Tea

Wagamama: Inside view towards kitchen


Cnr Roberts and Rokeby Rd

Subiaco 6008

9380 9281
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