Gourmet Burger Shack

Gourmet Burger Shack: street view

I’d read a good review about the Comedy Shack held every Tuesday night at the Gourmet Burger Shack.  So 13 girls from our monthly girls dinner group met there this week. The Gourmet Burger Shack reminds me of walking into a real beach shack, a laid back feel, with a bar, surfboard, the walls covered in beach scenes and the mis-matched wooden tables and stools completing the look. The Comedy night is obviously popular as the shack was full and staff said it pulls a good crowd each week.

Gourmet Burger Shack: inside view

As we were a large group in a small venue I made a reservation to ensure we all had seats together. The Comedy Shack is $18 for the comedy or $25 for a gourmet burger, wine or beer and the comedy show. So we all chose the $25  deal. You pay at the door, your hand is then stamped for the comedy show and you’re given a ticket to hand to staff at the bar to order your meal.

It wasn’t too long a wait for our meal to arrive but those arriving just before the show didn’t receive their burger until after the break as there were no meals served during the comedy show. The Gourmet Burger ($9.50) has a meat patty, baby spinach, tomato, red onion, tomato relish and aioli. Although there was no choice in the burger with the deal I opted to have my burger with no onion and I paid the extra cost for swiss cheese ($1.50). My burger was sandwiched between a sourdough bun that had been slightly toasted. The meat patty was lean and juicy and the aioli gave a strong aftertaste. It was deceptively filling and tasty! Some girls also ordered chips to share and they looked crispy and golden.

Gourmet Burger Shack: Gourmet Burger with cheese

Gourmet Burger Shack: inside my Gourmet Burger

Gourmet Burger Shack: Chips

Overall I thought the Comedy Shack meal and show deal was great value. What could be better than a burger and few laughs to get through the working week?! There were some good Comics on the night and I’ll remember the Christmas tree dance move – you never know,  it may come in handy one day!

Please note you can only pay with cash for the comedy tickets and dinner deal.

Gourmet Burger Shack: Comedian Joel Creasey from Melbourne

Gourmet Burger Shack

418 Murray St

Perth 6000

9322 5329
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