So it feels like a lazy weekend, the weather’s not too hot for a change and neither my husband or I feel like cooking. We head over to Mount Lawley and like the laid back feel of  Grill’d so we head in and find a table. It’s an open plan design onto the street and mall and looking around us we can see other people’s burgers which gets our bellies rumbling. There’s nothing better than real burgers and Grill’d claims theirs are healthy and ‘Made with love’!

The menu caters for all tastes with beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers, even salads and steak sandwiches. It would be easy to find something on the menu even the fussiest eater would like. Orders are taken at the rear counter and served to your table on plates. I know this will sound trivial but I really liked their extra thick paper napkins.

I think that a beef burger is a good standard guide for judging how good burger companies really are for comparison so I ordered their Simply Grill’d with Cheese ($11.50). I forgot to mention that you also have the option of panini or traditional buns and for an extra $1.50 you can have gluten-free buns. The meat patty was lean and flavoursome, the cheese had just melted and there was ample salad, relish and mayo. It was definitely a two hand job trying to eat it and it was very filling.

My hubby ordered the Tuscan Delight ($13.50) a burger with grilled chicken, roasted peppers, basil pesto, cheese, salad and herb mayo. Oh wow, this burger was (in my husbands words) ‘Noshlicious’!! The chicken was juicy, there was a generous serve of peppers and the basil pesto was strongly evident. The flavours just worked so well together and I sneakily asked for several bites just to be sure I had tasted enough to write about!

We ordered a Regular Hot Chips ($4.30) to share with Sweet Chilli Mayo Dipping Sauce ($0.70). I really, really liked the trademarked herb ingredients the chips are tossed in and they were not greasy at all, probably related to the cholesterol free oil used.

The Mini Me Pack ($8.50) for children is well presented. It comes in a box containing a burger (choice of beef or chicken), chips, cold  juice box and a colouring activity sheet and pencils.  It is a very generous portion and the activity sheet designed to keep little ones entertained whilst you enjoy your meal.

Overall it was a surprisingly quiet lunch for us as there was little talking whilst eating, that’s how good the burgers were! I think Grill’d is a great concept, it definitely has a great choice menu and their food is tasty and wholesome. Now if they could just open a store south of the river, we’d visit more frequently!

Grill’d Mount Lawley

669 Beaufort St

Mt Lawley 6050

9271 9444
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