La Cucaracha

La Cucaracha Taco Cart

Mexican food is very popular in Perth at the moment. Not too long ago, I was talking to some friends who raved about tacos from La Cucaracha a mobile (and apparently homemade) taco cart who seems to pop up at various Perth events. You can imagine my delight when we spotted La Cucaracha at the William St Festival and knew where we would be stopping for a bite!

We joined a rather long queue and although we waited for some time, we enjoyed watching our tacos being freshly made in front of us. There were three choices of Tacos – Beef, Pork or Bean for $3 each.  We ordered two Beef Tacos $3 each. First the tortilla was made by pressing the dough ball in the tortilla press, then placing it on the BBQ to cook. The pre-cooked marinated meat is warmed on the BBQ. Arranged on a paper plate, our taco was finished with a squeeze of lime and salad of onions and greens. There were a few bottles of sauce to help yourself to but we chose not to.

Taco making in action!

Beef Tacos

The tacos tasted as good as they looked. The tortilla was soft and warm enveloping the tender beef and the lime juice gave a great flavour kick. They were very moorish and filling and we regretted not ordering a pork taco to try too.

To find out where La Cucaracha will be next serving up their tacos, check out their website and join the mailing list.

Beef Taco

La Cucaracha

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