The Re Store

RE Store Leederville

The Re Store was started by John Re, a son of Italian migrants in 1936 when he pawned his wife Maria’s engagement ring to open their first store in Northbridge. Over the years the business grew with their family working in the store, that they opened European Wholefoods and the Leederville store.

I’ve been visiting the Re Store’s in Northbridge and Leederville for most of my life, mostly with my grandparents for coffee and weekly supplies of deli meats and European groceries. I love the smells inside the store and watching Italian families catching up amongst the aisles. I have very fond memories of sitting at my grandparents dining table as our family devoured their rolls and cakes before a lazy afternoon siesta! Walking in the store you feel immediately transported into a european designed supermarket. It is not modern in design as other chain supermarkets but it has that homely feel that feels familiar to me. They stock a fantastic range of European foods that you can’t get at other supermarkets and they make a range of continental rolls for lunches (still wrapped in the same paper for as long as I can remember).

Main entrance

RE Store Mural

Over the years I have tried numerous different roll combinations but have always come back to my favourite; Mixed Meat, Cheese and Pickle Continental Roll. There is a selection of different meats and cheeses and the pickle is actually marinated red and yellow capsicum mixed with olives. I love the fact that the rolls are crunchy and fresh and made before you as you wait. They are incredibly filling and can easily be shared. Go early at lunchtime for rolls and on weekends to avoid the queues.

My roll - wrapped ready to be eaten

Mixed meat, cheese and pickle roll

Inside roll

Re Store

231 Oxford St

Leederville 6007

9444  9644
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