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So it’s Friday night, a little chilly as the cooler night weather has set in and we’re really hungry. My husband has wanted to try the Cinnamon Club in Applecross for some time and persuaded me to join him for dinner – that’s right he had already decided he was going there for dinner! There are actually two Cinnamon Clubs in Perth, one in Leederville (which I visited a few years ago) and one in Applecross.

The Cinnamon Club is a large restaurant with plenty of seating however it was only occupied by a few diners tonight. Once inside and seated we realised it was quite cold inside and with the main door open we asked if we could move further away from the door to inside the restaurant or to the side only to be told (by our never smiling waitress) not really and that’s it’s cold further inside! Okay, not a response we would have expected since there was a lot of free seating but we were not prepared to let this spoil our evening and despite the goose pimples on our arms we ordered our meal.

For starters we chose Samosas ($9.00) and Onion Bhajis ($8.50). Our starters were presented well and the Samosas were crispy on the outside with a hint of spice inside. The filling was tasty and the mint raita was refreshing. However we were not expecting the onion bhajis to be so spicy! They were also quite tough and crunchy, perhaps overcooked? And the mint raita also served was much-needed.


Onion Bhajis

For our mains I ordered the Butter Chicken ($21.50) which I really enjoyed, although it came out 5 minutes after the rest of all our food – not sure if they’d forgotten about it as we had to ask where it was! The chicken had been initially smoked giving a lovely favour to the dish. The chicken was properly cooked and tender an there was an ample serving. My husband ordered the Chicken Mumtaz ($21.50) where the chicken in simmered in a cashew yoghurt medley. The cashew flavour was mild and it was rather creamy. My husband said there were a few fatty pieces of chicken but he enjoyed his meal. We ordered a Saffron Basmati Pulao ($4.00) and Steamed Basmati Rice ($4.00) to complement our meals. ( In fact our waitress was most unhelpful when ordering the rice as we asked if a serve was enough for both of us and she shrugged saying it’s up to us!) All our main dishes came served in traditional little metal pots.  We also ordered a Garlic Naan ($4.00) which wasn’t very garlicky and had a fair bit of melted butter running on it when served.

Butter Chicken

Chicken Mumtaz

Garlic Naan

Our Indian Feast

When our waitress came to clear our table, she moved the plates and pots to my side of the table, carried half of them to the kitchen and left the other half right in front of me!  We would have appreciated better service from our waitress who could have been more friendly, helpful and professional when serving us. We were rather full at the end of our meal and overall we felt we’d rate it as okay, nothing we’d rush back for.

Cinnamon Club

11 Riseley Street

Applecross 6153

9364 2064
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