Zeno’s Cafe

Main entrance

Zeno’s Cafe is located at Sorrento Quay Boardwalk in Hillary’s and you can dine in or take away. It is one of many eateries and it can boast spectacular views of the harbour looking out to sea. We were using our last Scoopon voucher which only had a few days left before it expired. We bought it for $34 for $110 of  food and drink value. There is some seating outside along the boardwalk but most is inside where a large fish tank dominates the middle of the dining area.

View over the harbour

When we arrived we asked to be seated next to the large fish tank in the middle of the room as our 2 year old son would be fascinated at watching the fish. We were handed menus and asked to order at the counter when we were ready. Our waitress was quick to bring us a carafe of water and a basket of warm, fresh bread rolls. The menu is predominantly seafood although there are a few pastas, salads and meat options available. Children are also catered for with their own menu.

So my husband wanted to try the Cheese Garlic Bread ($9.00) for starters as he said he was rather hungry and hadn’t had it since living in the UK. The garlic bread was definitely garlickly and there was a lot of melted cheese oozing on top! Although the crusts were a little burnt and our bottom piece hadn’t quite melted enough still having some unmelted cheese on top.

Cheese Garlic Bread

I ordered the Barramundi with Chips and Salad ($37.00). The fish was fresh, thick, flaky and mostly white and with the chips and salad the serving was quite enormous. It didn’t come with any tartare condiments but later found out you had to help yourself to these on one of two counters.

Barramundi with Chips and Salad

My husband ordered the Chicken Parmigiana ($32.00) again another enormous serving. His chicken was rather thick and juicy and he liked the fresh salad. He said the Parmigiana topping was fairly ordinary but the steak knife made cutting through the chicken a lot easier.

Chicken Parmigiana

We wanted to order our son the spaghetti but wearing a white top we thought better of it and ordered him the Chicken Nuggets and Chips ($12.00). The chicken nuggets were hardly touched and when I tried one they were rather dry and tasteless. It may have been better if there was sauce, but as mentioned above we didn’t realise it was a ‘help yourself’ to the condiments cafe. However he was more than happy with his chips and bites of chicken from my husbands meal.

Chicken Nuggets and Chips - children's meal

My sweet toothed husband calculated that there was still money left for him to order a slice of cake and he chose the Honey and Macadamia Cheesecake ($5.50). It was served with artificial cream (this really bugs me – why don’t many Perth cafes serve cakes with fresh cream!) It was incredibly light and amazingly flavourless obviously it had hardly any cream cheese in the mixture and there was a chocolate cake stripe through the bottom of the cheesecake but being so flavourless it was hard to tell if it was supposed to be chocolate flavoured. The nuts were ground and mixed through the cheesecake and the honey was drizzled over the top. My husband was really disappointed and didn’t finish it.

Honey and Macadamia Cheesecake

Zeno’s has a very laid back, casual atmosphere where you can just wander casually in, eat and leave and no-one really lingered long after their meal. I can see why people like Zeno’s, the view is amazing over the harbour and the portions are very generous but I think for the price, the quality could have been better and the atmosphere less kiosk cafe style.

Inside view

Fish tank

Zeno’s Cafe

Shop 33

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys 6025

9264 3950
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