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Hero’s Pizza – street view

I had heard good things about Hero’s Pizza in Como and all the fun elements that they offer including something about wearing your underpants on the outside?! That’s right, if you wear your underpants over your clothes on a Monday you get 20% off your order and 10% off on all other days. Not to mention they also have the ‘Pay Zero Wheel’ where after you’ve ordered you can spin the wheel and if it lands on ‘H’ for Hero your order is free! So far they have given away over $41K of pizza at the Como store. But wait there’s more…..you can also help yourself to free slushies and play arcade games whilst you wait for your pizza to be cooked.

Undies Deal!

It sounded like a lot of fun and we finally got the courage to check it out wondering if we’d see anyone in their underpants there. Please note our underpants were firmly kept under our clothes!  There is a good selection of pizzas which all come on the one size of 13 inches. There is the option of gluten-free pizza bases and they also offer 4 dessert pizzas  of 11 inches. For parents looking to increase their children’s vegetable intake, Hero’s offer a ‘Super Sauce’  which is 99% fat-free with no added salt, sugar or preservatives. It’s made of 6 real vegetables including broccoli, spinach and peas and can easily be hidden as the base sauce of any pizza but they recommend the Hawaiian.

Decisions, decisions! We finally settled on the Chick’n’Tron ($21) with chicken breast, bacon, spinach, fresh tomato, cheese, herb and garlic. It was loaded with topping and tasted amazing. We loved the freshness of the toppings and noted it was not greasy at all.

The Chick’n’Tron Pizza

Our second choice was the Bulk Pizza ($22) with leg ham, cacciatore, spanish onions, semi dried tomatoes, mushrooms, roast capsicum, cheese and oregano (we chose not to have the included pineapple, anchovies or olives). A fantastic taste combination and it’s obvious Hero’s definitely lives up to its claim that their pizzas are fresher, healthier and tastier.

The Bulk Pizza

Hero’s won the Australian ‘I love food’ award for pizza this year. So if you’re game, wear your underpants over your clothes and head to one of the four Hero’s pizza stores in Perth, you wont be disappointed.

Takeaway Pizza Box

Hero’s Pizza

Cnr Canning Highway and Henley Street

Como 6152

9450 4884

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