Carvers is an all-you-can-eat buffet located inside Burswood Casino at the  furthest end from the main entrance. They are open  for lunch ($20.95) and dinner ($26.95 Mon-Thurs, Fri-Sat $29.95 and Sun $28.95) everyday and if you’re a Club Burswood member (it’s free membership) you get a $4 discount off the lunch prices and $5 discount of the dinner prices.

After first paying for your meal you are seated at your table with a paper case containing your cutlery and napkin. There is a wine and beer drinks menu on the table and a bar located to the side of the buffet area. The set price includes unlimited self-serve soft drink and coffee and there are several areas where you can get your drinks so there was never a long queue.

I decided to start with soup and there was one choice, Vegetable which was rather orange in colour but was quite tasty. There was a large selection of mixed bread rolls next to it.

You can enter the main buffet from either end but both ends contain the same choices. They had cold plates for your salad and hot plates for your hot buffet selections. The salad bar contained the usual salad ingredients to make your own inspired salad and also included coleslaw and potato salad. There was a small selection of hot meals including a Vegetable dish (sorry I can’t recall what it was), Mustard pork and rice, Marinara Pasta, Squid Rings,  roasted potatoes, pumpkin, peas and corn, carrots and the choice of either Roast Pork or Roast Beef. I chose the roast pork as I don’t cook it very often at home and the beef looked a little dry. The staff kept the pork crackling in a bowl behind the servery and you had to ask for a piece which when it was served was the size of a 50c coin. The pork was really moist but I would have loved more crackling!

The desert counter which is the same on both sides of the counter consisted of pavlova, black forest cake, chocolate mousse, mango mousse, lemon cake, whipped cream and an ice cream dispenser with the choice of vanilla or chocolate and an assortment of toppings. I chose the chocolate mousse which was smooth, thick and chocolatey. I also tried the pavlova which was quite foamy more than marshmallow in the middle and had a thin crispy top and bottom so I was a little disappointed.

Staff were very quick to clear the tables of plates and the food buffets were regularly topped up. Overall the food was okay for the price, nothing I’d rush back for but if you consider you could eat as much as you liked it is an affordable meal out compared to the other restaurants at Burswood. Quantity over quality!


*Apologies for only taking the one photo!


Burswood Entertainment Complex

Burswood 6100

9362 7551

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