Greens and Co

Outside view

Greens and Co is a favourite place of mine to take visitors or to just lounge around after a night out. The stunning lighting installation of paper lanterns have made many appearances in wedding photos and I love the way they sway slightly in the breeze. The walls are covered in posters and there are old retro toy robots on the counter. They have milk crates and stools at the front (great for people watching) and mostly sofas with a few tables and chairs making up the rest of the venue. There are even 2 pool tables,  2 classic table arcade games and a selections of books, magazines and board games to keep you occupied. It’s very easy to waste a few hours lounging in here with friends over a drink or having Connect 4 challenges!

Greens and Co offer counter service and have a choice of teas, coffees and cold drinks. There is a small range of sandwiches and rolls and the biggest cake selection I have ever seen in Perth. Although I must say that although their cakes look truly noshlicious sometimes they can be rather disappointing in taste.

Tonight I chose the Peanut Caramel Meringue ($7.50) which had a cake base full of chopped peanuts, topped with a layer of soft foamy caramel meringue then a soft chocolate ganache topping. The meringue was very delicate and light.

Caramel Peanut Meringue

We also ordered the Honeycomb Brulee ($7.50) which had a crunchy base filled with creamy vanilla brulee. It was covered with a criss cross of white chocolate then topped with a chunk of honeycomb. It was devoured so quickly you’d blink and have missed it!

Honeycomb Brulee

The Chocolate Brownie was very chocolately and dusted with icing sugar.

Chocolate Brownie

Hot Chocolate

Flat White

Inside view

So if you’re looking for somewhere to go after a night out or on a lazy afternoon, head on down to Greens and Co and you wont be disappointed. Oh and save us a seat please!

Greens and Co

123 Oxford Street

Leederville 6007

9444 4093
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