White Elephant Cafe

View from the cliff

When we arrived at The White Elephant Cafe, the sky was dark and gloomy and we wondered if choosing a beach cafe for lunch was a very wise decision. But after a while the few fat drops of rain passed and the sky cleared. The cafe is located at the end of  the carpark at Gnarabup Beach. Ideally perched on the dunes overlooking the beach you can imagine how busy this cafe must be in the peak of summer. I liked the bench seating directly overlooking the beach but there are mostly tables and chairs at the front of the cafe, a sofa to lounge in and some seating in a covered marquee for unfortunate weather towards the back. They are family friendly with children’s menus and high chairs and also pet friendly.

One of my dining companions ordered the Chilli Salted Calamari which came with a thai chilli jam and lime. They were very pleased to discover it was fresh and the calamari was in pieces rather than standard rings. It was lightly battered and quite spicy. They also ordered the Falafel Wrap ($8.50) filled with cheese, falafel, tomato, greens and bbq sauce.

Crispy Squid

Falafel Wrap

Two of us chose the White Elephant Beef Burger ($18) with ground beef, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, beetroot, aioli, tomato relish all on a farmhouse roll. (drooling yet?!!)  It came with fries and was very filling. The burger pattie was homemade and had finely grated carrot and onion mixed through it adding to the flavour.

Beef Burger and Chips

After our filling lunch we went for a walk to the top of the cliff and enjoyed the views over the bay. The White Elephant Cafe is open everyday from 7:30am until around 3pm. It is an idyllic place to visit, sit back and enjoy the view.

This sign had us a little confused – we looked and looked for the rock formation that looked like an elephant only to finally give in and ask staff who told us that there’s no rock formation and that they get lots of visitors ask them where it is!!

View over the cafe to the beach

Cafe Counter

White Elephant Cafe

Gnarabup Beach

Margaret River 6285

9757 1990
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