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Is it just me or has La Cholita been the talk of the town recently? I had been very keen to try it out  but had heard the stories of long queues and up to 2 hour wait times. So my friend and I decided to arrive early one Friday, so there I was at almost 6:30pm being told there would be a 15 minute wait but we could wait in the lounge area. La Cholita is an L-shaped Taco and Tequila bar and their wait area consisted of stools with tables made from empty cardboard boxes stacked together.

We quickly surveyed the menu and my friend suggested we try their half litre of Sangria ($15). It arrived in a crystal punch style bowl with a ladle for serving. Very cool idea and my friend was so good at pouring that none went to waste.

Half a litre of Sangria

We were finally seated on stools overlooking the street and we decided to look over the menu. The menu is divided into sections – Entradas, Tostadas, Tacos, Quesadillas and Fuertes (bigger meals) each with around 3-5 choices. We decided to try and share a  few things from the first four sections of the menu.

We started with the Guacamole ($6) served with crispy flour tortillas. The guacamole was tasty and had several small chunks of fresh avocado for texture. We also tried the Pico de Gallo ($6) serves with crispy corn tortilla which was devoured very quickly.

Guacamole with crispy flour tortillas

Pico de gallo with crispy corn tortilla

From the Taco menu, we ordered the Beef Cheek Taco ($5) with Pico de Gallo. The meat was delicious and tender and we liked it so much we ordered more. We also tried the Prawn Taco ($6) with Mango Salsa and Cos Lettuce but it was a little dry with very little mango salsa to be seen.

Beef Cheek and Pico de Gallo Taco

Prawn, Mango Salsa and Lettuce Taco

The 3 Chicken and Corn Salsa Tostadas ($6) were served on a wooden board. The chicken was creamy and I liked the combination of flavour with the corn salsa.

Chicken and Corn Salsa Tostadas

Finally we ordered the Grilled Zucchini and Queso Fresco Quesadilla ($10). It was very cheesy, yum! The cheese was melted and tacky and the zucchini was just right.

Grilled Zucchini and Queso fresco Quesadilla

I really enjoyed my visit and glad that we arrived early. The staff were friendly and our food arrived quickly even when we ordered more as we went along. One thing we noted was that it is very noisy inside and we had to raise our voices to talk, something we really noticed once we had left. (Could be a sign of my age though!) If you’re keen to try La Cholita, put it on your to-do list this week!

Inside view

Inside view

La Cholita

279 William Street

Northbridge 6003

9227 9238

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