Toast Main Entrance

Toast is a wonderful discovery we made when we moved back to Perth. It is a popular place for us to visit for breakfast and soak up the sunshine. Located along Claisebrook Cove, Toast serves breakfast from 7am to 7pm, all day, everyday (although they do serve salads and rolls for lunch). It has a menu to appeal to all appetites (there are 14 listings under the toast menu heading alone!) and I’ve always found it busy which adds to its atmosphere.  The staff are always friendly and welcoming and today my son and I were greeted with smiles and good morning greetings.

We grabbed a menu, ordered at the counter then chose to sit at the front of the cafe directly overlooking the water. Not long after my Eggs Benedict ($15.90) arrived and I delved into my meal watching the yolk ooze out just how i like it.

Eggs Benedict

We also ordered the Maple Syrup Crepes ($9.90). 2 crepes folded in half , then half again. They were light and covered in a good amount of maple syrup and dusted with a hint of icing sugar.

Crepes with Maple Syrup

Flat White

View over Claisebrook Cove

You can’t beat the quality and value offered from Toast and it’s a well-known popular cafe in Perth. Plus if you can’t make it there for breakfast or you have cravings for breakfast food past midday, you can rely on Toast to serve you up an all day breakfast that hits the mark every time.


By the water

Shop 21, 60 Royal St

East Perth 6

9221 0771

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