The Left Bank

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining and it’s going to be a warm day. We decided to spend our afternoon having a late lunch at The Left Bank in East Fremantle, then a long stroll along the riverside walkway. We called ahead and booked a table (they only reserve tables until 2pm) which was a wise move because when we arrived the place was full. We quickly found our table which had a reservation tag attached but some patrons were already seated there. When they saw us arrive they quickly moved which thankfully avoided any unnecessary confrontation. Did I mention our table was on the verandah overlooking the river?  Such a fantastic view of the river and boats, and the pines above providing the right amount of shade.

The Left Bank – view from the verandah

The menu has a good selection on mains, steaks, burgers, tapas and breads and a kids options. (You place your order at the counter inside.) We chose to start with the Pumpkin Arancini Bites ($8.50) with Ailoi. When they arrived we noted that they were not round and after our first bite we were disappointed with the lack of flavour. The aioli dip was strong and provided the punch of lacking flavour.

Pumpkin Arancini Bites

I ordered the Steak Sandwich ($22) filled with rump steak, rocket, tomato, cheese and bbq sauce. It also came with a serve of chips on the side. The steak was tender and juicy and as I had used my hands to eat, the juices ran down my fingers as I fought the urge to lick them – that’s only done in private at home!! Needless to say, I really enjoyed my steak sandwich.

Left Bank Steak Sandwich

My Hubby ordered the Left Bank Burger ($17) with 100% ground beef, onion, cheese and salad. It too came with a side serve of chips. The bun had a crunchy top and the burger was quite high overall making it tricky to fit in your mouth. But that didn’t stop him and after a period of less talking and more eating, his burger had all gone. He really liked the chips too.

Left Bank Burger

Finally with rather full bellies we left for our walk along the river. The Left Bank is a great place to soak up the sun and atmosphere with friends and family. The staff are friendly and frequently pass to clear tables. The Left Bank offers a range of special nights and events so it’s worth checking out their website for more information about what is on. Oh, don’t forget to reserve your table before you visit!

The Left Bank – courtyard

The Left Bank Cafe, Bar and Restaurant

15 Riverside Drive

East Fremantle 6158

9319  1136
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