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The Partisan – Waterside view

My sister and her friend ran the HBF Run for a Reason and I was their official snack and bottle holder. As it was an early start, I traded breakfast for a longer stay in bed but by mid morning I regretted that decision because I was famished. So we decided to head over to nearby Claisebrook Cove for brunch. As you can imagine the cafes were brimming with runners and spectators. We decided to try The Partisan and were lucky to score a table inside.

Staff quickly provided us with menus and water but then informed us they had taken too many orders so they were not accepting any new orders for 25 minutes. We thought it could be a good 45 minutes before our meal arrived (and we were starving) so we considered popping into Toast next door until we saw the queue of people waiting for a table there. So we decided to stay and our order was taken 10 minutes later and food only a short time after that.

I was keen to try their One Pan Breakfast ($20) as the waitress said it’s served in a pan and seemed popular by the number of frypan meals I saw coming out of the kitchen. It’s a combination of bacon, tomato, sausage, mushroom, toast and eggs. I was unsure how the option of poached eggs would work but I went along with it. When my meal arrived it was on a plate. I asked if I’d been given the correct meal and another waitress said I had. The One Pan Breakfast apparently isn’t served in the pan, it’s just all cooked together in the same pan (how are the poached eggs cooked then?) but served on a plate and I was told it was a bean dish in the frypan. I was disappointed and more so as I ate my breakfast. There was a lot of thick cut bacon, some pieces underneath were dry and tough and the eggs seemed flavourless – is that even possible?!

One Pan Breakfast

My hubby ordered the Eggs Benedict ($18) and oddly noted that one egg yolk was runny and the other solid. Rather unusual if the eggs were cooked together! Overall he enjoyed his breakfast but would have liked a bit more portion quantity – he was really hungry.

Eggs Benedict

My mother ordered the Croque Monsieur ($11). Slices of ham and cheese were sandwiched between thick slabs of toasted white bread and garnished with salad greens. This was the best meal ordered and my hubby (obviously still hungry) was offering to help finish it off if my mother should find herself struggling to eat it!! (Very kindly she shared a bit)

Croque Monsieur

The Partisan serves 5 Senses coffee and is open every day except Monday. We all decided we wouldn’t visit The Partisan for breakfast again but perhaps in the evening to try their night menu next time which seems more popular in reviews.

The Partisan

Shop 22

60 Royal Street

East Perth 6004

9221 7404
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