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Tom’s Kitchen – entrance

It’s a dark, gloomy Thursday night and my friend and I head to Shafto Lane to visit Tom’s Kitchen. It’s one of my friends favourite restaurants and my first visit. Upon entering I find myself in a cosy restaurant and are welcomed by a smiling waiter happy to quickly seat us and attend to all our needs. There are several other tables occupied by families and couples obviously on dates guessing by their nerves and friends catching up – like us. We perused the menu finding it difficult to decide what to have but decided we’d share that way we’d get a taste of two dishes. Then we chose our wines and settled into a gossipy chat about what we’d been up to lately.

We began with the Spicy Meatballs with Red Pepper Salsa and Toast ($12). The meatballs were lightly spiced, tender and the salsa was really tasty. We also liked that the toast was chargrilled with no added oil as some restaurants do.

Spicy Meatballs with Red Pepper Salsa and Toast

I chose the Olive Crusted Lamb with Capsicum and Pumpkin Fondue ($35). The generous portion of lamb was perfectly cooked with a hint of pink and the fondue was soft like puree with some chunks of vegetable. It was really delicious and the olive crust was subtle. My friend really thought this was noshlicious and was her favourite choice.

Olive Crusted Lamp Rump with Capsicum and Pumpkin Fondue

My friend chose the Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Beer Braised Cabbage, Cannellini Beans and Crackle Crumb ($30). The pork belly was meaty with very little fat and the beer braised cabbage adding a contrasting taste to the cannellini beans. I was unsure how good the pork belly would be as I’d had a few bad experiences in the past with it being way too fatty but this has got to be one of the best I’ve had and my favourite choice. Perhaps my friend and I should order for each other next time since we liked each other choices better!!

Slow cooked Pork Belly, Beer Braised Cabbage, Cannellini Beans, Crackle Crumb

We shared a side order of Crushed Potatoes with Braised Celery ($10) which were soft and well seasoned. The celery had a slight crunch and my friend thought it was a great flavour contrast with the potatoes.

Crushed Potatoes with Braised Celery

Our eyes were definitely too big for our stomachs as we both ordered the same dessert, afterwards realising we should have shared. We ordered the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Lime Curd, Praline and Chocolate Dirt ($14). The cake was a very thin strip at the bottom and mostly consisted of a mousse like middle and ganache top. It was not what we were expecting and we both could taste some added flavour to the middle part, although staff were unable to explain as they don’t make it there. The lime curd was tangy, the praline crunchy and the only way to describe the chocolate dirt is it’s something between crushed chocolate biscuits and milo!

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Lime Curd, Praline and Chocolate Dirt

Tom’s Kitchen is open Monday to Saturday. Overall we really enjoyed our experience and I’d happily visit again.

Tom’s Kitchen

Shop 3B Shafto Lane

Hay Street

Perth  6000

9321 0345
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