Dough Pizza

Dough Pizza – street view

It’s a Tuesday night and I’ve been invited to catch up with some friends from London. As us ‘London gals’ live on opposite sides of the city we chose to meet half way and Dough Pizza in Northbridge was the chosen venue. Dough Pizza believes ‘the artful taste of delicious pizza begins with the DOUGH…’ inspired by the tastes and service from Naples. Well it must be good as it was packed and it was only Tuesday night.

The Menu begins with a definition of a few ingredients. There are choices of entrees, starting plates and salads and then the pizzas are sorted into two groups – those with a tomato base and those with a white cheese base. We decided to order 2 pizzas to share between us both vegetarian. Firstly the Funghi ($22.50) a Margherita based pizza with a selection of mixed mushrooms and asiago cheese. The dough was crispy and thin and the mushrooms were generously scattered through the oozing cheeses. It was my favourite of the two pizzas.

Funghi Pizza

The other pizza was the Cinderella ($22) a white cheese sauce topped with grilled pumpkin, asiago cheese, cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket. Again the pizza was cooked well and had lots of fresh rocket over the roasted pumpkin and tomatoes.

Cinderella Pizza

Although we enjoyed our pizzas the recollection of a sweet pizza was on the back of our minds and we thought that sharing one between us would lessen the guilt. So we ordered the Nutella Calzone ($12). When it arrived it was very carefully cut into 3 and inside we saw the Nutella, warm and soft with whole walnuts scattered over. The vanilla ice cream melted over the calzone and it was sweet, chocolately and quickly devoured  by the 3 of us.

Nutella Calzone

One of the best things about Dough Pizza is they heat your plates so your pizza stays warm for longer! It’s open for lunch Monday to Friday and dinner every night. It’s BYO with no corkage (well we weren’t charged it). It’s an ideal venue for dates or catching up with groups of friends although I’d recommend making a booking if visiting at night to ensure you get a table.

Dough Pizza – inside view

My London Friends!!

Dough Pizza

434a William Street

Northbridge 6000

9228 0444
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