Street view – queueing on the stairs

So it’s date night in Melbourne and we decided to head to Mamasita located next door to our hotel. We’ve seen the queues and have heard that they don’t take bookings so we arrive early at 6pm to already find a queue down the stairs and just out the door. We’re told it will be a 50 minute wait for a table and a 20 minute wait for drinks at the bar. At this point my hubby was ready to walk but I was determined we were going to eat here so we waited with everyone else. Lucky for us though we were at the bar in 20 minutes downing Sangrias and then seated only 10 minutes after that, so all up a 30 minute wait…on a Wednesday night! Our first impressions are good, theres a lot of energy buzzing around, it’s softly lit and staff are pretty chatty despite being busy. The tables are packed pretty close together, so much so that I don’t need to look too hard to see what others have ordered but I can’t hear a thing they’re talking about as the music was quite loud tonight.

The menu is simple and reminded me of the menu at La Cholita (in Perth). We decided to start with Totopos (tortilla chips) with Guacamole and Salsa ($9) whilst we made our choices over the rest of the menu.

Tortilla Chips and Dip

We then ordered some Tostaditas which were served together on a wooden board. The Tostaditas de Pollo ($14 for 4), consisted of chargrilled chicken, avocado, chipotle mayo, queso fresco on a 2.5 inch fried tortilla. The tortilla was crunchy and the topping was tasty and piled high. We also chose the Tostaditas de Carnitas ($14 for 4), braised beef brisket, salsa roja, white onion, coriander also on a 2.5 inch fried tortilla. Again it was piled high on the tortilla and the meat was tender.


Then we perused the menu again and chose 2 Tacos. The first Taco de Berenjena ($5) was filled with small pieces of eggplant and zucchini, crispy quinoa and gaucamole. I liked the flavours and the quinoa gave the soft taco some needed crunch. The other Taco de Pollo ($6) with chargrilled chicken, poblano and tamarind chipotle salsa was really tasty, a little spicy and there were no complaints about the huge amount of chicken in the taco.


Finally we ordered the Quesadilla de Cordero ($16) with braised lamb, queso criollo, mint and jalepeno herb sauce which was delicious and very filling. The lamb was cooked soft and tender and my hubby really liked the dressing.


Overall we had a great time at Mamasita’s but if you don’t like queueing I’d suggest going for lunch or going very early for dinner.

Inside view

*Apologies for the photo quality, it was rather dark and a flash does no justice to the food.


Level 1

11 Collins Street

Melbourne 3000

9650 3821

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