Doyles on the Wharf

Doyles Fishermans Wharf

Doyles Fishermans Wharf

It was a lovely sunny day in Sydney and I decided to take my son for a ferry ride to Watsons Bay with lunch at Doyles on the Wharf. It was a lovely boat ride there and we could spot Doyles on the jetty as soon as we arrived. I think everyone on the ferry had the same idea and very quickly a long queue formed out the front of Doyles. We decided to go for a walk along the beach first before lunch.

Queueing at Doyles for lunch

Queueing at Doyles for lunch

When we came back to Doyles there was only a small queue and we joined it to order our Fish, Chips and Calamari $13.50. It wasn’t too long a wait. I thought being a lovely day it would be nicer to eat on one of the benches along the beach instead of in the indoor seating area but that was my big mistake of the day. My son was very excited and was eagerly waiting to eat his lunch. I said I’d just take a few photos first. I held up our box of food, positioned it nicely for a good shot with Sydney harbour in the background, pressed the button and … woosh…in one swoop, a cheeky seagull grabbed one of our pieces of fish!! Luckily I managed to get it on camera so I have the photo to show you.


A cheeky seagull pinching our fish!

Luckily the rest of our lunch was untouched so we still managed to eat something. I had really high expectations from previous reviews of Doyles so I was also a little disappointed with our fish and chips, finding them rather oily and greasy. I’ve definitely had better fish and chips. Oh well, at least this will be one fish and chip experience I wont forget!

Doyles on the Wharf

Watsons Bay Wharf

Watsons Bay 2030

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