Koko Black

Koko Black - street view

Koko Black – street view

I’m having a lazy day on holiday in Melbourne. The truth is I don’t feel so great today, I feel a touch of flu coming on and my ears are blocked. So my son and I are lazing around our hotel when I feel like a coffee. Not wanting to travel too far I recall seeing  a Koko Black across the street from the hotel. We head over and are welcomed into the quiet cafe – well it sounds quiet through blocked ears!

I order a Flat White $3.80 and a Chocolate Walnut Brownie $8.50. My coffee was strong and hot and definitely hit the spot I was looking to fill. The brownie was more crumbly than what I had expected and had I ordered it warm with the ice cream and chocolate sauce I probably wouldn’t have noticed so much. However it was full of large walnut chunks and was very rich and chocolatey.


My son looks in awe at all the chocolate so I order him a Babycino $2.50 served with a  Chocolate Teddy Pop which he thoroughly enjoyed.


My son enjoying his Babycino!

Whilst we were enjoying our afternoon tea, our waitress offers us some chocolate to try. It was very smooth and rich and by now I was feeling a chocolate overload.

Chocolate samples

Chocolate samples

I’ve got to say I love having mother and son afternoon teas and this was one of those special moments we had together. Good food, good company…..what more could you ask for?!

Koko Black - inside view

Koko Black – inside view

Koko Black

52 Collins St

Melbourne 3000

03 9663 5567

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