Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge - street view

We fancied a chocolate fix and decided to try one of the 3 Perth Theobroma Chocolate Lounges. Although it was a Saturday night there was only 1 occupied table when we arrived; however a few more tables became occupied during our stay from those who’d finished doing their food shopping in the shopping complex. It has an indoor and outdoor seating area and a small table and chair for children (which had a small dead cockroach on it! It was hard to see with all the drawing on the table though) near the counter. We had a look at the very few remaining cakes and chocolates on offer but they looked like they had been sweating in the heat so we decided to just order drinks.

I chose the Milk Hot Chocolate $5.50 with Marshmallows $0.80. It was thick and rich with warm melted milk chocolate on the bottom. I also liked the shape of the mug it came in.

Milk Hot Chocolate

My husband ordered the Iced Chocolate $5.90, served in a tall glass with lots of rich chocolate, ice cream and chocolate flakes. There was a lot of chocolate and it was icy cold.

Iced Chocolate

For our son we ordered a Babycino $2.50 which came with 2 marshmallows. Served in a shot glass with melted milk chocolate in the bottom and creamy milk on top. He thought he was in chocolate heaven and finished it all saying ‘yummy in my tummy’ with a big grin on his face!


I don’t think I’d visit again as I don’t pass this area very often. However, I’m sure with Curtin University next door they are often frequented by students.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Waterford Plaza

Cnr Manning Rd + Kent St

Karawara 6152
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