Lobby Lounge

Sweets and Bubbles High Tea

Sweets and Bubbles High Tea

I had been keen to try Crown Perth’s Sweets and Bubbles afternoon tea for some time. We recently stayed at Crown for a few nights during some stressful home renovations (let’s not get into that!) and one of my girlfriends met me in the Lobby Lounge for afternoon tea.  The building was currently under some form of renovation and there was boarding up around all the seating area. The Sweets and Bubbles Afternoon Tea $30 is for two people or $40 if you’d prefer bubbles. I think $15 each for afternoon tea must be one of the most reasonably priced in Perth! However they don’t take bookings so be prepared to queue as some people were lounging in the lobby with just drinks.

When our food finally arrived after a rather long wait, it all looked beautifully arranged and delicious. We started with our sandwiches but the bread was dry from sitting out uncovered. Never mind, we’ll move onto our scones. As I cut my scone in half, the outer edges all crumbled away. I topped it with jam and cream and took a bite. It was like eating a biscuit they were that hard. My friend had the same experience. We felt all the scones and they too were all hard. So bravely I took them back to the staff at the counter and explained that the scones were incredibly hard and not to mention the sandwiches were dry. They apologised and said they’d send out some fresh scones. When they arrived they were lovely and warm and soft! Yumm. However as they cooled they got harder  again, perhaps from being microwaved? By now we were wondering if we could be bothered even attempting the top-tier of cake and petit fours. We also noticed other patrons who had ordered the same Sweets and Bubbles afternoon tea hadn’t finished all their scones or sandwiches so wondered if they too were disappointed with the quality. I must add the tea was good though!

Overall we felt this was poor quality for Crown Perth’s standards. We would rather have paid $30 each and eaten better quality food. We definitely wont be visiting for afternoon tea again.

Lobby Lounge

Crown Perth

Great Eastern Highway

Burswood 6100

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