Atrium Restaurant

The Atrium Restaurant at Crown Perth has been frequented by my family since I was little. I recall many birthdays and special occasions celebrated there and it has undergone many facelifts over this time. Today we’ve come for breakfast as we’re staying at Crown and my sister has come to join us. It’s not too busy which is good as we hadn’t made a reservation. We’re warmly greeted by staff and after paying for our Buffet Breakfast ($37.90) we’re seated in the middle with views over the buffet in one direction and in another direction, the atrium lifts, with lights and glass windows keeping my son entertained.

The Atrium is a buffet restaurant. If I’m truly honest, these days I try to avoid buffet restaurants most of the time as I find the queueing annoying, everyone is up and down from the table at different times, diners coughing over food or using their fingers instead of utensils and it can sometimes we full of people piling plates determined to eat their moneys worth! But the Atrium is in a class of its own. There are enough dishes and space that there’s rarely a queue and the food is of a better quality and value than other buffets, especially if you’re a seafood lover.

For breakfast today the 5 stationed buffet consisted of the standard eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, hash browns, tomatoes and mushrooms. There was also a large selection of international foods and although I thought yum spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken, at 8am my stomach was struggling to cope. There were also yoghurts, cereals, juices, fruits and a good selection of muffins, and pastries. Tea and filter coffee is included but there’s an additional charge if you fancy a cappuccino or flat white for example. Plates are quickly cleared away from your table and it’s relaxing enough to linger for an hour or two.

The Atrium is changing their menu pricing as of the 29th April 2013. Click here for the current menu prices or here for the new menu prices.

Atrium Restaurant


Crown Perth

Great Eastern Highway

Burswood 6100

9362 7551

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