“Good manners start from a young age”

Do you have good dining etiquette? Are your good manners only used when dining out or do you use them at home too? I’m also pretty sure we can all share stories of times when we’ve witnessed poor etiquette. This article argues that good table manners should begin at an early age. Read more here



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  1. Hi Andrea! So what do you think of this article? Personally, I am flabbergasted that Mollois’ daughter apparently doesn’t rate her own special knife, but the boys do when they are old enough. Way to make a child feel a special part of the family! Interestingly different take on appropriate table discussions too, with politics being a mandatory opening part of the conversation. The British/Australian tradition is of course that politics are one of the things that it is rude to discuss over dinner, to allow everyone to enjoy their meal in a pleasant atmosphere.

    I haven’t seen the television programme in question. What did they do that has so many people up in arms?

    • Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your comments. I thought it was an interesting article. After reading it, I was given the impression that Mollois is perhaps very traditional in his views but feel this could perhaps be based on his upbringing and French culture. His comments in the article tend to portray the male as the head of the household and importance, perhaps this is the reason he is only gifting knives to his sons – a tradition carried down from his childhood. I agree it is disappointing his daughter will not receive one too. I wonder how his wife feels about this?

      Table discussions are interesting. These days I would say table discussion is more relaxed and there is no taboo topic; but having said that there is a way of discusisng your views rather than enforcing your opinions on others and being dominant in your views to others who may not agree. No-one wants to eat whilst a heated discussion erupts over ones strong views. I think politics and religion are probably the hardest two topics to discuss with strangers and are probably best left to discussions with family and friends who know you and even then I would personally only keep it to immediate family.

      The television show “My Kitchen Rules’ showed two girls who were openly boastful on several occasions but also terribly insulting about other contestants. You can watch the episode here http://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/episodes/21003003/my-kitchen-rules-tue-28-jan-series-5-episode-2/#page1


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