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Animal Cupcakes

Fish, Snail and Frog Cupcakes

I decided to make these cute Animal Cupcakes for my sons 2nd birthday at playgroup. I got the idea from an old clipping from a ‘New Idea‘ magazine from a few years ago.

I used the Magnolia Bakery cupcake recipe I found online to make the cakes and it easily made 24 cupcakes. I actually use this recipe for all my cupcakes and it’s never failed on me yet. Sometimes I make mini cupcakes with this recipe and adjust the cooking time.

For the icing, I made a large bowl buttercream, then took portions out to colour. To decorate the fish I used fruit jellies, mini marshmallows, mini M&M’s and smarties. For the snail I used lolly bananas, mini M&M’s and icing for the shell. (I couldn’t get the icing to stay on the banana for the mouth which would explain why there’s no mouth in this picture!) For the frog I used mini M&M’s, marshmallows and icing for the mouth.

At playgroup we all noted it was one of the quietest morning tea times as the children were so busy enjoying their cupcakes!


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