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Barnyard Cake

3rd birthday

For my sons 3rd birthday we had a farm party theme. I searched online for lots of birthday cake ideas and decided to keep it easy and thought this idea was the best.

I used 2 Betty Crocker Vanilla Sponge Cake mixes to make the barnyard. I added sprinkle to the cake mix but didn’t realise if you add them before beating all the colour dissolves in the batter so I added more at the end and just folded through. When the cake had cooked and cooled I then trimmed the top end into a barnyard shape. I iced it with vanilla buttercream and used red food colouring. Gel colour would have given a more true red colour so I would recommend using it. I then made ridges using a knife and used fruit sticks and milk arrowroot biscuits to make the barn doors and roof. I coloured shredded coconut yellow to make some hay in the doors.

For my cupcakes I always follow the Magnolia Bakery recipe. Once the cupcakes had cooled I made a large bowl of vanilla buttercream. Then this is how I decorated each animal cupcake:

Sheep – buttercream icing, mini marshmallow cut in half as the wool. A pink blob of icing for their face and mini M&M’s for the eyes and nose.

Chicken – I coloured the buttercream yellow first and then dipped each iced cupcake into yellow coloured shredded coconut. I used mini M&M’s for the eyes and a rolled and cut dried apricot for the beak.

Pig – I coloured the buttercream pink (a bit more than I wanted to unfortunately!) I used a pink marshmallow cut in half for the snout, then I cut the remaining half marshmallow in half again for the ears. I used &M’s in the snout and a black icing pen for the eyes.

I shredded some more coconut green for grass and arranged the cupcakes on this under the barn. It was really that easy to make and my little boy loved it!


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