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Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Cake

My son and I talked about what cake he’d like on the day of his birthday (he was having a barnyard cake for his party). He asked for a dinosaur cake. I didn’t like the design of many dinosaur cake tins I found at the shops so we looked online for other ideas and came across this one which looked quite easy to make. I printed the template ready and checked I had a large enough rectangular cake tin to make it.

I used 2 Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mixes for the cake. Then I trimmed the raised top of the cake  and placed the template on top. I cut through the cake and started to arrange the cake into shape. It all looked ok except for the end of the tail. I didn’t want the tail going up but going down more realistic so a little more trimming was required.

I iced the cake parts together with vanilla buttercream colored green and then covered the whole cake. I used black icing for the feet, nose and eyes, red icing for the mouth and a friend suggested using toblerone for the back.

My son called it ‘my dinosaur ROAR cake’! Seeing him so excited was priceless.


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