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Insect and Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

Insect and Creepy Crawley Cupcakes

Insect and Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

My sons birthday this year fell on a kindy day and he asked if he could take a cake to school. The school allows you to bring in cupcakes for the children as it’s easier to hand out than cutting a cake into individual serves. I talked to my son about what sort of cupcakes we should make and we decided to make some insect and creepy crawly ones as they were learning about that in kindy.

Once all the cupcakes were baked we made buttercream icing and divided it into 4 so we could colour each part. Here’s how we decorated our cupcakes:

Hungry Caterpillar – white icing with blue and green jellybeans for the body, a red jaffa for the head, black writing icing for the eyes, sour straps cut into thin strips for legs and antennae.

Worm in the Apple – red icing, mint leaf sliced in half thinly for leaves, pretzels for the stem, snake lolly for worm

Bees – blue icing, black and yellow jellybeans for body with smaller black jellybean on the ends, white jellybeans for the wings and black writing icing for antennae

Spiders – green icing with a freckle for body, brown M&M for the head, and licorice straps cut into thin pieces for the legs.


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