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Octopod Cake

Ocotpod Cake

Ocotpod Cake

The Octonauts are very popular in our house so it was no surprise when my son requested an Octopod birthday cake this year for his 4th birthday. Faced with the daunting task of creating it, I turned to google to search for inspiration. Most of the cakes were made with fondant icing which my son doesn’t like so I set about creating a design for a buttercream iced cake.

I used 4 Betty Crocker cakes to make it. Two loaf tin sized cakes which were cut in half and shaped to make the 4 small pods and 2 large rectangular cakes to make the large pod and its base. As a template I pulled my sons Octopod apart and placed it on the cakes to cut around.  I cut a hole in the large pod to push 3 Ocotnaut characters into so they looked like they were looking out of the cake. (My son was worried about how dirty they were going to be!) All the cakes were then covered in buttercream, licorice straps were used for the ‘arms’ linking the small pods to the large pod and black writing pen to outline windows.

It needed a wide plate to present it on which I didn’t have so I cut up a cardboard box and taped two pieces together. Then I covered it in tin foil and blue cellophane. I used sand coloured paper to make the sea floor and green paper left over from the wrap around a bunch of flowers to make the seaweed.

In the end it was easier to make than expected and my son loved it!


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