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Star Wars R2D2 Cake

Star Wars R2D2 Cake

Finished Cake!

My techie husband had no special cake requests for his birthday this year so it was up to me to decide. You’d think that would be an easy task but I really stressed over what to make. My neighbour suggested a Cloud cake as he’s into Cloud (how easy would that have been!) if only I’d thought of it before having started the R2D2 cake. I thought about making a motherboard cake but he guessed that  so it was left up to a laptop or something from Star Wars which he loves. I did a bit of research online and liked the idea of an R2D2 cake which didn’t look too difficult to make.

This is how I made it:

I used 2 Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake packet mixes to make the body of the cake – one square and the other round.

I cut any risen part off both cakes so they were mostly flat on both sides.

Then I cut 2 long sides off the square cake about 4cm across – these make the arms. Then I cut another 3cm long piece off the bottom of the cake so the arms were longer when arranged together. I used a piece of this cutting to make the bit that attached the centre leg to the body.

I cut the round cake in half. I placed one half next to the large square piece and trimmed the edges so it was in line with the square piece of cake to make the head. The other half I cut into thirds with one piece slightly larger than the other two. These make the ‘feet’ part. I trimmed the pointy parts of each third so they were flat to join to the arms.

In the picture below the square cake pieces are upside down (darker) and the round cake pieces are lighter in colour. I hope this helps show how to cut the cakes.

Cakes cut into shape

Then I made a large bowl of butter icing (icing sugar, butter, vanilla extract, a little milk). I put some aside in a bowl to colour with black food colouring until it made the grey head colour.

Once the cake was iced I put a few knives in a large mug of boiling water. Then as I picked up a knife, I wiped it on a towel then used it to smooth the icing. (when it starts to drag the icing put it back in the water to heat and use another knife)

For attached decorations I used sour straps for the blue and yellow detail, mini M&M’s for buttons, silver cachous for the star dial and a large marshmallow for the button. For all the other blue detail I poured some blue food colouring into a small bowl and painted it on with a fine paintbrush. I also find it easer to put the cake on a lazy susan stand so you can easily turn it around to work closer to you than having to lean over the cake.

That’s all there is to it. And yes, for those of you wondering, my hubby loved it!


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