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Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

Thomas Cake

What sort of cake do you make for a Thomas the Tank Engine fan’s birthday?…..A Thomas the Tank Engine cake!!

I spent a while searching on the internet for a Thomas the Tank Engine cake and realised my cake decorating skills were probably not up to the task of making an actual Thomas cake. I came across a few people who had made a Thomas cake using a small Thomas toy train and then decorating the cake to give it a realistic setting. This seemed like a much easier option.

I started by making 3 sponge cakes. 2 of them made the base of the cake which I filled with jam and cream, and the last sponge was cut in half, again filled with jam and cream and sat on top one half of the cake.

Then I used buttercream icing to ice the cake. I made a large bowl of icing and took some out to colour for the different parts of the cake. The tunnel, track and tree trunk were made from melted dark chocolate and the rocks from cut pieces of chocolate honeycomb. On the very top of the cake I piped ‘Happy Birthday’ in white icing. I also stuck the toy train to the melted chocolate track before it set so it wouldn’t fall off when transporting the cake.

If I was making the cake again I would have used larger round cake tins to make a bigger cake for more space.

And I guess you’re wondering, did my son like it? Yes, he smiled and said ‘toot toot’!

Top view

Top view


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