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Tiramisu Torte

Tiramisu Torte

If you have never seen the Womens Weekly ‘Wicked Sweet Indulgences‘ cookbook (mine has a different cover) I suggest you grab a copy as the desserts in their are amazing. Not one for those on a diet but a definite must for special occasions and completely indulgent treats.  I have made several recipes, mostly their Mars Bar Cheesecake and Walnut Brownie Bites. I’ve never made Tiramisu before and I found a recipe in the book for a Tiramisu Torte which is a slight twist on the usual Tiramisu recipe.

It wasn’t a cheap torte to make with the cost of all the almonds and marscapone and it also took a while to make but it was definitely worth it.  The smooth flavours of the coffee, alcohol and cream are truly decadent and the toffee almonds give a crunchy texture. It would make an impressive centrepiece for a large dinner party. We didn’t have a dinner party planned so ours got shared with our grateful family and neighbours!

You can find the recipe here!


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