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Subiaco Farmers Market

The Subiaco Farmers Market is held every Saturday from 8am to 12:30pm at Subiaco Primary School. There is  a great selection of fresh produce sold direct from growers and speciality stalls selling meats, seafood, eggs, milk, cheeses, chutney and relishes, gluten-free and nut free products, dog treats, olive oil, nuts, honey, skincare, plants and so much more! Fresh coffee, juices and hot breakfast options were available and I warn you, it will be very hard to resist not buying anything to eat!

I arrived at 8am and already the market was busy with locals grabbing their weekly vegetables and greeting friends they have run into. We decided to get our coffee first to warm up and prepare ourselves for the decisions ahead. My goodness, the coffee was fantastic. Armed with our bags we then selected our good quality vegetables and decided to sit under the large tree to eat our breakfast. We also bought some goods to take home to enjoy later.

There were many parents with young children at the markets and there is a large oval and playground that many children had a great time playing on and amongst the stalls, small stools were arranged for children to sit on.

So grab your reusable bags and head on down for some great quality produce and a hearty breakfast. Oh and don’t forget to grab a coffee!

(See pics in the slide show below)

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Subiaco Farmers Market

271 Bagot Road

Subiaco 6008


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