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Margaret River Gourmet Escape

Wild Berries Cider

Wild Berries Cider

It was my first Gourmet Escape visit thanks to Rekorderlig Cider and my sister was accompanying me whilst my hubby and son explored local farms. It was a rather early start driving down but we’d timed our arrival well before the main crowds arriving just before opening on the Saturday.We collected our bags with a magazine and wine tasting glass then queued along with other hungry and thirsty eventers at Leeuwin Estate waiting for the gates to officially open.  Read more here

Melbourne Cup 2013

Melbourne Cup cake 2013

Did you watch the big race? This year I watched it at home with my son. My mum had asked me at short notice to make her a Melbourne Cup cake for her Bridge lunch. I did a little search online for ideas but with the little time I had I couldn’t find many ideas that were possible. So instead I visited My Delicious Cakes and cheated by buying a few cupcake toppers. With the help of my printer and a few household items it was finally completed. Mum was happy with the finished result and had her photo taken with it at Bridge.


The Masha

Mashed potatoes have to be the ultimate comfort food. Creamy potatoes can accompany many meals or easily be eaten on their own. Being a mum, I’ve mashed lots of potatoes and vegetables to make child friendly meals at home. To be honest, my mash hasn’t always been that great and is lumpy. But I had the pleasure in receiving a Masha and since then I haven’t had a single lumpy mash!

The Masha is very easy to operate and is safe for my son to use when helping cook as it doesn’t have a blade. Instead it uses Rotor Cone technology to gently squeeze the potato through the outer mesh at a safe low-speed. I simply placed the Masha into my bowl of potatoes and squeezed the button for a few seconds, then moved to another spot in the bowl until all the potato was mashed. It took no more than 10 seconds to have a bowl of lump free creamy mash! Cleaning was simple, I took the end off, rinsed it under the sink and then popped it into the top shelf of the dishwasher. How easy is that!

Boiled potatoes ready to be mashed
Boiled potatoes ready to be mashed
Mashing the potatoes
Mashing the potatoes
Lump free Mashed Potatoes!
Lump-free Mashed Potatoes!

Since it was so easy to use, it got me thinking ‘What else could I use the Masha for?’ I’ve also used it to mash avocado to put on my sons cruskits for lunch, I’ve mashed vegetables together to make croquettes for dinner and  with winter approaching I’m going to use my Masha to make lots of vegetable soups. I’ve also used it to mash bananas from which I made Cheats Banana Icecream – yum! So easy, no ice cream machine needed, only 3 ingredients and it can be made during the day for dessert that night. To see my recipe, click here

Here’s a short video of the Masha in use:

The Masha is available now online for $59.95 from http://www.prepstore.com.au or at Myer and Harvey Norman.

For more information about the Masha, please click here


Winter Supper Club– June 

To see photos from the Winter Supper Club, click here

Winter Supper Club

Winter Supper Club

Good Food and Wine Show – July

To see photos from the Good Food and Wine Show, click here

Angus Beef and Red Wine Pie

Angus Beef and Red Wine Pie

Twilight Hawkers Market – March

To see photos from the markets, click here

Sharing a joke whilst cooking

William St Festival 2012

To see photos from the festival, click here


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