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Twilight Hawkers Market

Twilight Hawkers Market – March 2012

This is the first time I’d been to the markets as they began whilst I was still living in London. We’d come along to check it out and taste lots of different food on offer. We had not expected it to be so non-stop busy with workers and families – meaning lots of long queues. In fact it was still thriving around 9pm when we were heading home. Watching people choose their food and finding a place to sit in Forest Place was interesting and  made us realise that the markets are a fantastic idea. It was lovely to see the men and women cooking at the stalls having fun, chatting with customers and each other; obviously enjoying the atmosphere too.

I had a few issues with my camera on the night (grr..a problem getting worse unfortunately) so these are the only pics I could salvage. Any suggestions on a good digital camera?

Making the Potato Sticks

Our Potato Stick - a bit like a potato cake

You could buy yummy polish donuts with jam centres

Cooking Satay

German Bratwurst Sausages

Paella - need I say more?!!


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