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1st Birthday Party

1st birthdays are a special time to celebrate the first year of a child’s life with family and friends. For our sons 1st birthday we decided to have an afternoon tea at home.

I decided to keep the theme simply red and blue. I made lots of pinwheels and cupcake toppers to put in the food and larger pinwheels for table decorations. I even made all the bunting we hung outside! My husband printed a picture of our son for each month in his first year and I displayed it on a poster. We also made a decoration in the garden for when guests arrived of paper circles stuck to stakes saying happy birthday and then spelling out our sons name.

For food I made some cupcakes, puff pastry twists some filled with ham and cheese and some just cheese, fruit salad cups, hommus and vegetable cups, caramel popcorn, Florentines, marshmallow pops, carrot and walnut cake, lollies, quiches, lemon slice, chocolate slice and chocolate crackles…phew, there was a lot of food!

As there were several older children I set up some toys in the garden and made a treasure hunt for them to do. There was also a pass the parcel game and pin the tail on the donkey. Everyone was given a little container of biscuits to take home as a party favour and the children were given party bags with various bits like bubble kits.

It was great to be able to celebrate this milestone in our sons life with our family and friends.

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