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3rd Birthday Party

I can’t believe how fast the last 3 years have gone! My boy is growing up way too fast.

For my sons 3rd birthday we decided to have a farm party as he loved animals. We booked A Farmyard on Wheels to visit us after seeing them visit our neighbours for parties. (I very highly recommend them. Their animals were clean, healthy and well looked after, the staff were friendly and they arrived early to ensure they were set up on time) Then a lot of online searching for party ideas followed. My sister and I made a barn and a tractor from cardboard boxes which I had been keeping. I also decided to buy some bales of straw to help convert our garage into a barn theme.

For the food I saw lots of cute ideas for farm themed food online, such as Pigs in Mud (chocolate mousse), Farm Pond (jelly with a frog), Animal Sandwiches, Chicken feed (crisps), Tractor Wheels (Oreo’s), Farm Apple Pies and Mini Quiches. For the cake I went for the easy option, making a simple barn and cupcake animals which I found on many websites. Then I was lucky enough to find mini milk bottles on Gumtree for sale so I could make ‘Moo Juice’ (berry milkshakes) with paper straws for the children. I also made labels for the children’s juice bottles and all the water bottles. Our neighbour lent us her wheelbarrow which I used for the drinks (Watering Hole!)

Most farms grow vegetables so I set up a Vegetable Planting table for the little farmers to pot some tomato or baby carrot seedlings. My husband bought a photo booth picture but we had a few issues trying to get it to stand up. Luckily our neighbours were visiting and were able to help us out with ideas so we attached it to our ladder. (They even got roped into helping my mum make the sandwiches, which I’m very grateful for!)

We decided to try and dress like farmers too. Buying size 3 overalls for my son in summer was a challenge but my sister luckily found a pair at a Good Sammy store. I bought a wig and my hubby had a bandanna. It was too hot to wear our gumboots so we used them as a display instead. We also bought farm hats for all the children to wear too.

For party favours I decided to go lolly free as the children would have had lots of sugar at the party. I found some barnyard colouring in books, make a barn stickers and farm stickers. There was also a wooden paddle ball and some plastic farm animals. I put them into little tins for the children.

It was great to see the children (and adults too!) enjoying themselves.

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If you’d like to see a VIDEO of the day, click below


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