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Caramel Apple Pull-Apart

Keeping up with my March Womans Weekly month, I chose to make the Caramel Apple Pull-Apart from their Picnic cookbook to celebrate my hubby returning from working in the US. It looked easy enough to make and I knew he’d like the sweetness. My son helped me but to be honest he was more interested in eating anything he could get his hands on today.

Firstly the dough is made by rubbing flour and butter together, then mixing in milk until it forms a soft dough.

The dough is then kneaded and rolled ready to sprinkle brown sugar over.

Rolled dough with brown sugar sprinkled over the top

I then mixed a small tin of pie apples with cinnamon and mixed spice.

I crushed the apples a little so they weren’t too chunky.

This was then spread over the top of the brown sugar.

Cinnamon apple filling spread over the top

Then all that was left to do was roll the dough. Being slightly distracted by my son I rolled the dough but it probably should have been a bit tighter as I couldn’t get a middle piece fitting in my tin. Cutting it was easier than I thought it may have been.

You can see from the photo it looked a bit squashed in the tin.

Rolled dough

Sliced dough in tin ready for baking


After baking I left it to cool for a few minutes in the tin and then turned it out. Luckily it came out in one piece!

I made a caramel sauce to brush over the top and then sprinkled pecan nuts.

Caramel Apple Pull-Apart baked and turned out from the tin

Caramel Apple Pull-Apart


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